Design for Effective Communication
30-06-2014, 05:56
category: Investments
Effective communication is a purposive symbolic interchange resulting in a workable understanding between the sender and receiver. How can managers in an organization design communication to get effective results?
Communication is a very effective management toll, and having control over it is vital. This requires that it be planned, executed and evaluated against defined and clear objectives. It hast to be systematic and consistent, as well as appropriate to crating messages which have the desired impact.
For effective communication you must organize your ideas for meeting the needs of your target audience not your own. You must use pattern of organization which are relevant to the communication situation, but the basic objective should always be that the pattern is such that it reaches and makes the right impact on your receivers.

Credit and the Law
30-06-2014, 05:54
category: Finance
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act says that all lenders will apply the same credit standards to all the consumers no matter what their race, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, age, or public assistance program that is involved. This does not say for sure that the loan approved or credit will be given to you. It will give you an equal chance to obtain credit. The only good measurement for creditors to use is your ability to pay the debts that you owe.

Business Credit Cards Managing Credit
30-06-2014, 05:52
category: Finance
Managing a business is crucil. Business credit cards r hndy, sinc th cards supply strtgy for mnging csh flow, business xpnss nd mor. Business credit cards provid convnint purchss, sving cost, comprhnsiv rports, ccssibl credit lins, nd so forth. Th business cards offr business ownrs th powr to sty on top of thir spnding, ovrhd, nd mor.

All About Commercial Business Financing in the UK
30-06-2014, 05:50
category: Finance
Commrcil business financing lons r minly usd for business or commrcil purposs in th UK. Whthr it is rltd to buy ny nw business prmis, commrcil building or ny business ssts, commrcil business financing lon is th pt on tht ssists ll th UK borrowrs to mt thir nds.
A UK borrowr cn xcut commrcil business financing ithr in scurd or in unscurd wy. For financing in scurd wy, obviously scurity is rquird. Any worthwhil colltrl cn b usd s scurity, lik hom or othr rl state, utomobil tc. Oppositly, if ny UK borrowr wnts to finnc in his business in unscurd wy, thn h dos not nd to pldg ny scurity ginst th lon mount. Howvr, gnrlly for financing, borrowr cn borrow nything btwn ₤ 5000 to ₤100000 whr th rpymnt priod vris from 3 to 25 yrs.

Books: solution manuals
12-03-2014, 11:58
category: Finance
i will upload these manual from tome to time.

you can freely download all those solution manuals.
absolutely free of cost.
direct download

Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics by Constantine Balanis
2-Antenna Theory and Design, 2ed+1ed, by Warren Stutzman
3-Circuit Design with VHDL by Volnei a. Pedroni
4-Convex Optimization by Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe
5-Digital signal processing 2+1ed, by Sanjit K. Mitra
6-Partial differential equations, lecture notes by Neta
7-Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics 4ed, by Alpha C. Chiang
8-C++ How to program 3ed, by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel
9-Signal Detection and Estimation by Mourad Barkat

Best investments for the coming year?
12-03-2014, 11:56
category: Investments
So do y'all think that our current market downturn is a temporary blip, or are we heading for a major meltdown in 2008?

In your opinion, what are the best industry, stock, commodity, or mutual fund picks for the next 6-12 months.

IMHO, I believe that global resources, particularly oil, precious metals, and technology specific minerals are a good bet. I believe that one should avoid real estate based funds and lending institutions. Opinions?

I could teach you everything there is to know about how to trade futures,stock
and currencies. I teach charts,candlestick patterns,technical patterns,how to
read internals and what to expect in certain conditions. You can profit whether the market is going up or down. I do one-on-one teaching/coaching over the phone every day during market hours.I could get you going in as little as 1/mo for $1,500.
I use the most comprehensive platform.ThinkOrSwim.com You can check it out there. send me a a message if your interested.

Automated Forex Trading Software
12-03-2014, 11:51
category: Forex
One of the best developments on technology these days and proved to be useful is the surfacing of the automated Forex robot. it is nothing more than trading software where the Forex transactions are automated and designed to monitor all the changes in the rise and fall of the currency rates round the clock. in that way, Forex robots make it easy for everyone who wants to start trading career with the Forex market.

There is no matter whether you are existing Forex trader or you are just planning to get involved into that financial market, you could expect to have less man work and stress free day to day business transactions. Forex robot can do a lot to your business and it is there in order to serve you by handling the currency trading process for you without human intervention and the need of doing the actual trading yourself. Using automated Forex trading software, you can get an experience and see how it makes the proper financial moves and investments for you.

10 Golden Rules for Stock Trading Success Posted By : Mark Nicholas
12-03-2014, 11:26
category: Investments
Your permanent trading policies are your funds. When you follow with your rules you command be making money. However if you break your own stock investing regulations in likelihood the most probable outcome is that you may lose funds.

When you receive the consistent set of stock market trading regulations it is living to keep them in mind. Heres one discipline that self-reliance gain rewards. Study these regulations before your day starts as well viewed like study the regulations once your day ends.

Rule 1: I necessity to follow my policies...

6th Feb: Status of Seized Vessels and Crews in Somalia
12-03-2014, 11:25
category: Finance
India holds alleged Somali pirates afterfirefight

By Phil Hazlewood (AFP)

TheIndian navy and coastguard captured 28 suspected Somalipirates after a firefight with a mothership on Sunday offsouthwestern India, the defence ministry said.

A total of52 men have been apprehended of which 28 are suspected to beSomali pirates, defence ministry spokesman Captain M.Nambiar said, adding the incident happened within Indianwaters.

At least some of the other 24 men on board arebelieved to be hostages rescued as a result of thefirefight, more than 1,500 nautical miles from the coast ofSomalia...

5 tech-savvy apps for car shopping
12-03-2014, 11:24
category: Finance
The car research companies Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds have free smart phone applications that allow drivers to check car prices and ratings. It also lets drivers search for nearby dealers and directions.

The standout feature of Kelley Blue Books Kbb.com app is that it provides real-time car values, says Andy Lapin, product director of Kbb.com mobile in Irvine, Calif.


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